Raytec IR illuminator for CCTV professionals

The Raytec ir illuminator.

The RM300 is the new ir illuminator from Raytec. It is part of the RAYMAX series and is generally recommended where CCTV professionals have specified PTZ dome cameras on an installation. As with all Raytec ir illuminators the design of the product is based around the ethos of zero maintenance and longevity of life. The weak point of PTZ domes is their inability to deliver night time pictures in areas of absolute darkness and the raytec RM300 solves this issue delivering a performance that is second to none. What is more, reliability is totally assured.

Raytec IR illuminator

Using a clever design the raytec series of ir illuminators provide total flexibility to alter the angle of illumination. This is particularly important on sites where light levels need to be controlled. The Raytec ir illuminators have an adjustable power output, a photocell and the Raymax series also boast telemetry control. RAYMAX ir illuminators are also purpose designed to provide even output illumination. Each IR illuminator is fitted as standard  with Active LED Life Control. This will carefully control LED output, delivering consistent illumination. As a result of this the Raytec ir illuminator will have a projected working life of 10 years. All the ir illuminators in the range are supplied with bracket and power supply.

The RAYMAX 300 in particular is generally specified for low light installations that require illumination up to 370 metres (1,214ft) away.

Raytec have built a reputation as the World leader in ir illuminator production. The led lighting technology has been deployed for security and safety around the world. The main aim of Raytec is to improve the safety of any area at night and to improve the performance on any CCTV system under darkness. Lower power requirements are also a major benefit when it comes to reducing light pollution and environmental considerations.

So if you need quality and reliability to ensure you CCTV cameras get the correct level of lighting then the Raytec ir illuminator range is a good starting point.

ir illuminator night time time image

Raytec’s mission statement is as follows

“We are committed to technology. Raytec products combine cutting edge technologies with the highest levels of quality to deliver outstanding performance and reliability. Our philosophy is innovation+illumination and we will always look to lead lighting trends in the market

We are passionate about the environment and have a true Green Philosophy. Both Raytec products and functions within the products are designed to save energy, save electrical consumption and reduce Co2 usage.

We are experts. Raytec and all our people are 100% focused on lighting. Everything from product design, to manufacture, to sales and after sales service is under one roof at our HQ, near Newcastle, UK.

We love to talk lighting. We are opinion leaders offering technical guides, white-papers and set-up advice to our customers around the World. Our new Lighting Design Service helps you to specify the correct lighting levels and locations to a level unmatched in the industry. We can even provide you with recommended set-up advice for your camera – to help get the best results with our lighting.

Raytec’s Technology Alliance Partner Programme (TAPP) is designed to help security professionals achieve the best possible performance at night using Raytec illuminators”.


  • “Achieve Best Practise in CCTV illumination
  • Assist Security Professionals design better Night-Time Surveillance Systems
  • More effective integration between Raytec and partner technologies
  • Provide a library of support tools, images, videos and usage advice
  • Demonstrate Raytec lighting with partner technologies”

For more information head to the main website. Raytec ir illuminators can be purchased through Norbain distribution here in the UK and tec support is available through the distributor. For general  comments and some excellent comparisons between Raytec ir illuminators and cheap IR illuminators follow this link.

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