Illume IR illuminators

The Illume range of infra-red illuminators are cleverly designed to help produce clear night time footage for HD CCTV systems. They have a facility that allows the IR illuminator to be adjusted to enhance CCTV images when used over short distances and work to maximum efficiency in all types of weather conditions.

The Illume IR illuminators can be deployed to suit the lighting needs in just about any situation. The 3 units in the Illume range offer viewing angles of up to 60┬░ and illumination distances of up to 100 metres. The range also includes double and triple mounting brackets, in order that you can mix and match to ensure even lighting across a wide angle and distance range.

As the double lamp bracket allows you to mount two illuminators together you can cut down on cabling infrastructure and meet all requirements there is also a triple bracket for 180 degree coverage.

The  Illume Infra-Red lamps offer a quality build and are contained within in an IP67 rated weatherproof housing. Energy efficiency is well documented and an excellent selling point. Illume uses the latest LED technology and confidence in the build quality means illume are happy to offer 5 year warranty


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