Illume IR illuminator

Luminite have produced a range of illuminators that have been specifically designed for the CCTV market place.The ILLUME range of IR and white light, LED illuminators fulfills most of the lighting requirements of event-driven CCTV applications. Working in harmony with CCTV cameras installed around a secure site the ILLUME range helps to produce clear video at night. Adjustment to the lighting levels and intensity allow the IR illuminators to operate over both short and long-distance for any specified illumination requirement. LuminiteOne of the major issues with IR illuminators deployed to veiw just a small distance is image “white-out” this will invariably cause issues relating to over exposure in cameras. However the ILLUME range gives the flexibilty that allows intensity to be increased for longer distances, a major benefit for specifiers who suspect clients needs may change or where greater illumination is needed due to variants in lighting levels.The ILLUME WL, white light series, comprises of 3 units with viewing angles and illumination ranges of 10° by 50m, 30° by 30m and 60° by 15m. The ILLUME IR illuminators known as the infra-red series, also comprises 3 units, however these ir illuminators have viewing angles and illumination ranges of 10° by 100m, 30° by 60m and 60° by 30m. The range of ILLUME products is designed for external use and to this end all the illuminators come in robust, IP67 rated, high-quality, weatherproof housings. Single, double and triple mounting brackets are available, enabling narrow and wide angle settings for the double and triple. BUY an IR illuminator
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