Hyperion IR illuminator

LED Infrared Illuminators

Hyperion is the a new Italian designed product currently causing a bit of a stir within the professional IR illuminator sector. It has a special cable management designed bracket similar to one you would expect to see with your cameras. It has been specially developed to work with CCTV equipment and comes in several different formats to allow for use at variable distances and light spread requirements. It is user friendly and makes installations simple. Its design is suitable to used on high end buildings and specialized projects. Very much a top of the range IR illuminator the absence of an external PSU makes the aesthetics work well. With low power consumption and long life guarantee this is very much a light to be considered when building design requires a unit that will not offend.

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Cable management angle adjusting Infrared LED Illuminator.

Cable Management

Vandal proof with cable protection

3D Angle Adjusting System

Screw with locking system

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