Explosion proof IR illuminator

Exposion proof illuminators are now available to buy from Raymax. This product is designed to the highest standard and finding a market place in the high end world of petroleum and gas installations where safety is paramount and no component that is not ATEX approved will be considered for installation. With cost savings that can be made from reduced electricity consumption and even more importantly the dramatic reduction in maintenance costs , return on investment is both rapid and easy to measure. Below we review the Warrior II explosion proof IR illuminator

The RAYMAX Warrior II series of ATEX approved explosion protected IR illuminators have been designed for hazardous environments which require high performance night-time illumination. RAYMAX Warrior illuminators are supplied in an aluminium housing with toughened glass front window and are rated for all Zone 1 and Zone 2 applications.

RayMax Warrior II - Explosion Protected

The Warrior series IR illuminators provide class leading performance, long life and ultra low maintenance. They incorporate the very latest surface mount LEDs to deliver excellent night-time pictures with improved optical output and outstanding reliability.

Each unit is fitted with a Cool Running™ thermal management system to carefully control LED output and delivers a projected working life of 10 years. Compared to traditional bulb solutions Warrior SMT LED illuminators produce very little heat and deliver highly even illumination beam patterns. RAYMAX Warrior illuminators are supplied with an integrated power supply. The RAYMAX Warrior series is suitable for all low light installations up to 150 metres (492ft).

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