CCTV lighting plan

What ever form of lighting you chose to compliment your HD CCTV system it is crucial to think hard about your CCTV lighting plan before you deploy any security system. The thought and planning required needs to be considered with the same level of thought as you would apply when you choose your  cameras and your recording solution.
An HD CCTV system without either an ir illuminator or White light LED’s is not going to work . One requires the other.  Without white lighting you will not see anything because HD CCTV is far more sensitive to light levels than analogue. This seems to be a point that installers seem to forget to let their customers know when selling HD CCTV. Ambient lighting will help but will not be sufficient. Once again we reiterate get your CCTV lighting plan right.
Camera manufacturers are including IR illuminator LED’s within their camera unit itself in an effort to ensure pictures are usable at night. Although the pictures will be improved it is not the solution because although these cameras work well  there is always a scenario where a White light illuminator will be needed, this is of course where colour images at night are important.
So don’t forget your CCTV lighting plan when designing HD CCTV systems and think White light illuminator for colour images at night and IR illuminators with dual chip cameras for covert lighting. Whichever way you design a CCTV system, the CCTV lighting plan is probably as important as the camera system design itself. Clarius illuminators or Raytec are the market leaders.


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