Benchmark rate the Clarius IR illuminator

Benchmark the test house for CCTV products has produced its latest assesment on the Clarius Ir illuminator. The assessment as you will see describes the ir illuminator manufactured by advanced technology as a workhorse more than a Derby winner and in the light of day this is a back handed compliment for this product. Lets be honest when it comes to illumination we need something that does exactly what it says on the tin and with the Clarius ir illuminator range we certainly have that.

Clarius IR illuminator

Built to last with a self cleaning lens the ir illuminator  be installed in even the most hostile of enviroments. Low maintenance costs and a ten year life span mean that your ROI is rapid and in this respect the Claruis range provides excellent value for money. The Benchmark test proved that the light spread from the illuminator was consistent and the range was actually better than specified. The 6 core cable made for easy connections and the built in photo cell reacted well within tolerance meaning no wasted energy. The Claruis ir illuminator is of a build quality that impressed the team at Benchmark and scoring over 80% was a good achievement . In a world where IR illumination is becoming more important due to light pollution the Clarius ir illuminator is becoming ever more popular with installers. HD cctv is also meaning that the cameras will need more light in certain situations and in a world now that is saving energy wherever it is possible we need to remember that CCTV systems that used to rely on ambient street lighting to operate may now find this lighting switched off between certain hours at night, so IR illuminators will become an even more crucial link in the goal to provide quality CCTV images for the end user.

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